For the past 5 years, Ricardo "Fiesta" Vazquez has been a part of countless weddings, corporate, and social events in the DC/Baltimore area. A true professional, Ricardo prides himself on knowing all the ins and outs of how our custom photo booths work. He'll work tirelessly, deciding which props will be a perfect fit for your event and adjusting the lighting until it's just right to make you and your guests look fabulous in every picture!

When asked what he likes most about being part of our photo booth cast, Ricardo replied "I can't think of a better profession that would allow me to have this much fun and help make hundreds of memories for guests at every event I'm a part of." 

Then, like every other day, he proceeded to get in line at &pizza.


Adam "Smartypants" Goldman hardly needs an introduction. Companies far and wide request to have him setup and run our photo booths at their event.  His sharp wit and even sharper outfits gives him a certain je ne sais quoi. We're not sure what that phrase actually means, but It sounds cool.

In addition to corporate events in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC and beyond, Adam has been a part of countless weddings and social events.

As if all of this wasn't  enough, Adam is also a very skilled lighting tech, and installs our uplighting, bistro, and gobo projections for corporate and social clients.


Jen "Tall Glass of Water" Iacovelli has a background in photography and a passion for the events industry! For more years than she is comfortable admitting, she has been involved in the wedding industry as either a writer, stylist, photographer or most recently as a bride herself! No matter what type of event she works, however, her main goal is to ensure everyone has a great time and goes home with as many happy memories as possible!


Say hello to Ray "Jollibee" Silvestre. For those in the know, you'll appreciate that he enjoys dining on spaghetti and fried chicken at the same time. What else does he enjoy? Creating a first class photo booth experience for you and your guests. Ray's attention to detail is second to none. Just look at those prop tables in the photo gallery. They're perfect!