Blue Dot Jazz Troupe


Jazz is the music pulled down from the cosmos to express the ever-changing rhythms of our lives. It builds upon the past, reflects the present and swings into the future. Blue Dot Jazz Troupe embraces that evolution, bringing the jazz of life to audiences in a dynamic and exciting way. Rooted in New Orleans, we blend in a mix of blues, funk, salsa and pop, and create a distinctive mood and experience. We bring jazz to life by starting with the familiar and ending with audiences rising to their feet to move to a universal beat. 

Our band members are all local to the DC area. We play regularly – typically, a few times each week – at clubs, restaurants, bars, private events, and weddings all over the DC metro area. 

Our normal combo is piano, bass, drums, and trumpet, though we can easily adapt our setup in response to the needs of the event. Our repertoire is very large and varied, and we always cater our selection to what the occasion calls for.